There are federal grant monies available for use in implementing ISO 9000 (and other management systems) and/or increased marketing activities.

This is a near 3 for 1 plan (.25 from company, .75 from grant) with funding per company dependent upon need, to be determined by the agency handling the program.

It could mean in excess of $70,000 per company!

The criteria for eligibility follow: Documented proof of loss or layoffs due to downsizing by the Department of Defense or competition by Imports, or one or more major customers requiring ISO (or equivalent) certification to continue doing business.

Call 877 452 6828 or 540-951-1599 for information.

This funding is a proven, easy-to-use program managed by business professionals who understand manufacturing. Focused on providing financial assistance to import-impacted manufacturers. 

For firms

* 50/50 cost sharing
* Minimize investment and maximize results
* Leverage resources
* Cash flow advantages

50/50 cost sharing

Funding usually offers 50/50 cost sharing of projects, smaller firms may qualify for more. It is aimed at improving a manufacturer's competitive position. Specifically, these matching funds are applied toward the cost of consultants, engineers, designers or industry experts for improvement projects in areas such as manufacturing, engineering, marketing, information technology and quality. The funding agency pays for half of the cost of these services, up to $150,000 in projects with a maximum share of $75,000. Actual levels of assistance depend on a variety of factors.

Minimize investment and maximize results

Participating companies pay only 50% of a project, but enjoy 100% of the results. Firms can expedite important improvement strategies that would otherwise be delayed due to financial constraints, thereby allowing faster realization of bottom line benefits from those projects.

Leverage resources

Use this funding for certain improvement projects, freeing company resources for other expenses not covered by this federal program, such as equipment purchases.

Cash flow advantages

This is NOT a "reimbursement" program. A firm is responsible for only half of the project costs, while the funding pays the consultant the remainder.

Manufacturers in a variety of industries have benefited from this funding scheme. Below is a sampling of some of the industries served.

Industries served

Abrasives Aerospace

Agricultural Products

Apparel & Accessories
Appliances Audio & Video Equipment
Automotive Products Boating & Marine Products


Chemical Products Computer Products
Construction Equipment Dental Products
Educational Products Electrical Equipment


Environmental Equipment
Fabricated Metal Products Food & Beverage
Food Processing Equipment Footwear
Forgings Furniture & Fixtures
Gears Glass Products

Hand Tools

Heating/AC Equipment
Industrial Equipment Instrumentation
Jewelry Lawn & Garden Products
Leather Products Machine Tools
Medical Products Metalworking Equipment

Musical Instruments

Navigation Equipment

Packaging Equipment

Paper Products & Machinery
Petroleum/Gas Products Photographic Equipment
Plastics & Rubber Printing Machinery
Refrigeration Equipment Sporting Goods
Telecommunications Equipment Textile Products
Toys Transportation Products
Valves & Fittings Wood Products

Substantial financial assistance is offered to offset the cost of projects that strengthen operations and sharpen competitiveness for manufacturers in many industries. This customized business assistance is used for a variety of projects, including marketing, information technology, manufacturing, engineering, and quality.