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Consulting Client Case Studies 

State Government Facilitated the strategic planning process within 7 state agencies, through the implementation of the balanced scorecard methodology, enabling them to maximize the use of existing funds and capture additional funding streams.

Leading bank in the UK Implemented a quality management program in a government owned financial institution, dramatically increasing customer service volumes and customer satisfaction levels, while reducing operating costs.

Printing and publishing company Led a 10 facility through the balanced scorecard process, enabling them to identify and introduce new products, consolidate operations and transition to a structure, tying compensation to individual and company performance

Metal fittings manufacturer and distributor Reviewed customer service and sales functions Company stocked over 10,000 part numbers.  Identified key improvement opportunities, enabling the company to significantly increase order intake and significantly reduce line-item errors and product returns.

One of the largest US banks Participated in the development of system requirements and the selection of a contract services procurement system for one of the nations leading banks.  With anticipated reduction of $3million in procurement spending.

World leading medical device manufacturer assisted corporate entity and fully owned subsidiaries implement ISO 13485 and obtain CE marking using a single system. The program enabled the company to identify and implement best practices increasing consistency and standardization and reducing inter-plant quality issues, inventory surplus and operating costs.

'Start-up' company engaged in the repair of CCTV equipment Developed and implemented operational processes. The project involved developing new processes, documenting the operating procedures and training personnel to comply with them and achieving registration to ISO 9000.  In addition, certain operational routines had to be developed to accommodate and comply with the parent company’s corporate functions.

Multi-national manufacturer of nameplates Implemented one of the first environmental management programs.  Initiative encompassed 7 manufacturing sites and resulted in reduction of raw material costs, and a sizeable decrease in scrap and rework.

Major US highway construction company Managed process and quality improvement initiative. Program resulted in a decrease in material costs, bidding errors, operational errors and employee turnover, and increased capacity to accept and complete projects.

Manufacturing, hospitality and tourism and not-for-profit Performed market studies and risk assessments for new and existing entities enabling significant funding decision.

Leading automotive remanufacturer Reviewed the organizational structure and interfaces, recommended and facilitated the successful implementation of a modified organizational structure, from supervisory level to executive management. Program ran in parallel with a full scale quality management system development and implementation and enabled greater utilization of resources and facilitated improved ownership and involvement in the program.

Electro-mechanical device manufacturer Improved their quality management system and succeeded in having Ford’s Q1 probation status removed. Immediate retention of $11 million in Ford business.

Extruded rubber parts manufacturer Facilitated their gaining Approved Supplier status with the largest truck manufacturer worldwide. Resulting in award of $1.3 million in new business over 2 years.

Multi-national chemical manufacturing company Established consistent quality management systems across European, South American and Pacific Far Eastern operations. Sales increased from $150 million to $180 million over three years.

Automotive and Architectural Glass Manufacturer Instrumental in having thirty North American plants registered to ISO/QS-9000.

World leading automotive manufacturer Consulted with an assembly plant to improve quality and productivity processes. Annual savings of $1.1 million in inspection and over-time costs.