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ISO 14001

Methodologies to effectively manage environmental risk. To meet today's global, national and local environmental legislation, manufacturers need ISO 14001, a company-wide Environmental Management System that monitors exposure to environmental regulations and manages risk in an effective, systematic manner.


With an effective ISO 14001 program, a company develops a policy on environmental issues and includes environmental concerns in all strategies and decisions.   Exposures to environmental issues are identified through ISO 14000, and resources are allocated to deal with them.  Using the ISO 14001 program, the company then measures performance against the targets set, introducing continual improvement mechanisms. 

ISO 14001, the Environmental Management Standard, provides significant benefits: 

  • Reduces company liability and risk
  • Increases operational flexibility and efficiency
  • Improves internal management methods
  • Provides a foundation for pollution prevention, waste and cost reduction
  • Increases opportunities for recognition of exceptional environmental practices by the public, investors, regulators and other companies
  • The most efficient environmental regulatory compliance

The number of ISO 14000 registrations rose sharply in 2000 due to the mandates for third party registration from the automotive industry, and since, have only continued to rise.   MOCG has led a number of companies through the ISO 14001 process, developing their environment management systems, which were certified by third party registrars. Our ISO 14001 success rate is perfect. Let our qualified ISO 14001 consultants assist your organization as you pursue registration to ISO 14001.


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