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Insight and Ideas 

We have created a series of short videos covering areas of ISO implementation that most commonly slow companies down, foil their efforts to get ISO registered, require them to begin the ISO process again, or jeopardize their ISO programs long-term.


The first video covers the all important subject of ISO Software.


The second video addresses documenting an ISO management system.



Video number three talks about having a dedicated ISO Controller and the long-term impacts



Finally Video number four addresses ISO costs and the most effective approach to accurately calculate the external and internal costs of ISO implementation  


As you are deciding your implementation approach please refer to our ISO Consulting Roadmap to get a clear idea of the stages you will need to go through        

We offer a full suite of ISO Consulting and Training Services , customized to meet the unique needs of each company          

As we start our earliest dialogue with clients we encourage them to think through a serious of issues/subjects on their forthcoming ISO processes.  This creates an awareness that will impact the long-term success of their program and can only be achieved if the program becomes institutionalized within their organization, meaning that they quickly move away from distinguishing between the way they operate and the way they do things for ISO, this need to be one and the same.  These pivotal issues can be found in our ISO Certification Planning Guide        

In addition to our video serious you will find your questions are being addressed in our ISO Frequently Asked Questions page.