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Supply Chain Management

Optimal performance of the internal and entire Supply Chain. Companies striving to improve their supply chain performance nearly always find it challenging. Some companies have even become skeptical that supply chain planning software can deliver the promised benefits. Supply chain management discipline rests on a combination of processes, metrics, rewards, technology, and mindsets. In most improvement projects, all of these need to change.

We assist clients to improve efficiency and invigorate growth. As such, we focus not only on making the enterprise's internal supply chain management processes perform more profitably, but also in making the entire value chain more efficient.

We leverage procurement, collaborative commerce, and technology to automate and optimize business processes and enhance relationships with trading partners.

Our Supply Chain practice is delivery-focused, and develops solutions that help companies improve the efficiency of their business-to-business transactions, as well as enhance customer facing supply chains by leveraging technology and business processes.

Our methodologies encompass all of the Plan, Source, Make and Deliver functions focused on end-to-end supply chain management. This includes the business processes of product innovation and lifecycle management, sourcing, supplier management and procurement (direct and indirect), production and materials planning, inventory deployment, distribution operations, transportation and order management. 

We also provide services in a wide range of strategic supply chain analysis and optimization techniques including network strategy, transportation strategy, category and assortment optimization, SKU rationalization and channel strategy.
Our consultants genuinely understand supply chains from the "been there, done that" perspective. We believe our firm is unique in its blend of in-depth experience and superior performance.

MOCG is a full service management consulting firm. We have developed a methodology that analyzes the performance of an organization against key metrics enabling supply chain improvements to be prioritized based on magnitude and return and thus achieve long-term, sustainable, and financially measurable results.