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Six Sigma

Focused Transformation Achieving the highest level of Six Sigma performance requires a rigorous commitment to improvement, beginning with senior management, because the results of achieving Six Sigma performance are rapid, enterprise-wide and dramatic.  A company's leadership drives the effort to reach Six Sigma strategic targets, allocates the resources to implement improvements, enabling an organization as a whole to embrace Six Sigma's capacity and transform the  business.

As our research and experience show, Six Sigma optimal performance is possible not just in manufacturing, where Six Sigma originated, but in any industry. Our unique methodology transfers Six Sigma knowledge and skills to your people, enabling your company to create ownership, generate results and sustain success.
We provide a highly effective approach to exceptional business performance that incorporates Six Sigma process improvements within a focused, company-wide transformation. Our consultants guide the process from strategic development, through implementation of fundamental changes, to break-through results. Driven by your markets and your customers, Six Sigma performance delivers substantial cost reductions, increased efficiencies, sustainable improvements and shareholder value.
We combine our Six Sigma and Performance Change Management methodologies, unmatched training capabilities and global experience across all industries and markets, and expertise in business process and performance improvement. Our consultants help your company build goals and financial targets-and a six-month delivery timeline for breakthrough results. 

MOCG has developed a unique methodology that analyzes the performance of an organization against key metrics enabling Six Sigma efforts focus on opportunities based on magnitude and return and thus achieve long-term, sustainable, and financially measurable breakthrough results. We provide Benchmarking, Strategic/goal alignment, Executive workshops, Champion/evangelist training, Black Belt and Green Belt training, Team Selection and Building Problem Resolution and ROI.  We train and transfer the knowledge your people need to sustain improvements in the face of changes and greater challenges in the marketplace.