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Lean Enterprise

The term "Lean Manufacturing" is the prosecution of lean activities with in the cash-to-cash cycle (each process involved from taking the order to collecting the cash). If the organization conducts design activities, then it begins with concept through design, launch, production, shipment and service.

The entire path consists of processes, some connected and some not. Each is subjected to exhaustive waste reduction efforts. This assessment will evaluate critical business processes for waste, and identify which processes are stopping an organization from being 'lean.'

An assessment will identify breakdowns in business planning, business processes and business operations that impact customers and create unnecessary cost to the company. Such breakdowns may include non-value-added steps, unnecessary bureaucracy, poor communication, process inconsistencies and process confusion. These costly problems can be resolved only if they are objectively identified, clearly defined and subsequently quantified. This has to be paralleled with assignment of responsibility for resolution. The assessment provides a powerful tool for the senior management team, helping them to identify where their attention needs to be focused. It is also a superb tool to identify the appropriate focus for Six Sigma improvement teams.

MOCG is uniquely positioned to help companies understand what they need to do to eliminate non-value added activities and maximize the efficiencies of their enterprise.